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Voodoo Hockey….. it’s an attitude! Voodoo is not a brand, but a belief. We push the boundaries of field hockey technology, just because we can. Voodoo is the brand you become part of a community….. a society of peak performers and winners.

Voodoo is about now.  Voodoo is about winning. Our inspiration is to make the ultimate sticks for our Voodoo players to carve with. If you are going to play….. play hard.

Our sticks are strong, powerful, and irreplaceable….. just like the players who use them. Voodoo is the tool of choice for women and men globally from Asia to Oceania to Europe and to North America. Voodoo has the top-stars from across the planet, including the game-breaking players on the USA, Dutch, German and Australian teams. Closer to home, we have the best and brightest talents from the USA Women’s and Men’s National Teams, using our equipment.  American superstars Maren Ford and Lauren Pfieffer both choose Voodoo for their weapons of play.

Why so many top players?  Cause Voodoo is the best.  Period.

At VoodooAmerica.com, you will also find all the updated info on Voodoo’s movements around the USA.  It’s all about providing our customers and potential players the answers to all their questions regarding Voodoo Field Hockey. Please see our list of links on the left, for information on where you can buy Voodoo, who plays with Voodoo, what is Voodoo, and much much more.

Welcome aboard, it’s a fun ride!

Yours in Hockey,

The Voodoo America Team.